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I have been using their products for over a year.  It's helped me put on muscle, which has given me the confidence and ability to compete and be a fitness and bikini model.  This has always been my dream.  Thanks to the products, Scott and Karen, and a very helpful staff in Bettendorf Iowa and Moline Illinois. Also, special thanks to an amazing trainer who has been with me every step of the way.  Much love to Jessie Adams.
If you've been struggling to get rid of some body fat and have tried everything, why not come in and talk to our Certified Nutrition Specialists?  We have helped many Quad Cities women change their lives for the better.  

 At least 50% of our customers are women and you won't find a bunch of muscle heads running around at our store.  Most of our customers are middle aged men and women just trying to lose some body fat and feel better.  You will feel welcome and we will listen closely and pay attention to what you want to do.  WE PROMISE!

We can also provide a FREE nutritional consultation which includes a body fat assessment, and we will calculate how many calories you need to lose weight the healthy way.  We don't promote fad diets.  We will discuss real food that you buy at the grocery store and suggest supplements to help get you to your goals. 

We can also provide complete individualized nutrition plans that will provide information on when to eat, what to eat and exactly how much.  And it's food that YOU choose.  Come on in and let us show you how easy it can be. 

If you are ready to make a committment we can provide the best advice!!


If you are exercising adequately, calorie restricting and getting a good balance of carbs, fats and proteins, a Fat Burner can be icing on the cake.  If you just want to do a fat burner without the other elements of a healthy life style I would suggest you start there and do the fat burner later. You will get better results with that approach.   

What type of fat burner do I suggest?

Fat burners come in approximately 5 categories, some stimulating and some non stimulating.

These include: 
1) Thermogenics (heat up your core temp), 
2) Diuretic (get rid of excess water weight), 
3) Thyroid support (keep your thyroid from slowing down your metabolism), 
4) Appetite suppressant (takes the edge off your appetite) 
5) Fats or Aminos ( that help metabolize fat and block enzymes that promote fat accumulation)

Many fat burners contain a combination of these categories.  

We can help you decide what may be best for you.  

Here are a few top sellers listed below.  See our product page for pdf files on each of these. 

ThermX 2.0 (Mild stimulant and mild thermogenic)
StimoVEX XT (Aggressive stimulant and thermogenic)
Quadra Cuts Night (No stimulants and helps burn fat at night)
Emerge HC (Stimulant and thermogenic)
Lipo Red (Stimulant and appetite suppressant)
CLA (Essential fatty acid that helps metabolize fat)
Emerge (Delicious appetite suppressant and stimulant)
LiquiCarn (Liquid carnitine to help metabolize fat)

Susan Drayer - 
NPC Midwest Open Masters 2nd Place
NPC Iowa State Middleweight Women 1st Place
NPC Midwest  Open Heavy Weight Women 1st Place

Uses ISO Xtreme protein, Egg Whites International, High 5 protein

As a salesperson, I first walked in to Max Muscle on a cold call.  Once inside, I met Scott and Karen and started to ask about their products uniqueness and target audience.  I was surprised to find I could benefit from their protein and soon had my sons (13 & 14 years old) in for additional nutritional advice and a purchased “RegenaPro” that has cleared up my son’s “teenage” complexion. I’m on my 3rd jug of High 5 and will continue because of one thing; RESULTS!!!  If you are interested in building your health and increasing your energy, talk to Scott and Karen – they’ll point you in the right direction and keep you on target, not to mention they’re incredibly easy to talk to for the person who considers themselves a non-athlete. They can help you get results, build muscle, lose fat, and help with your overall fitness and nutrition, whether you are a top athlete (other customers I’ve seen in here) or a working mother of two.

-Paula P.
Over half of our customers are women. 
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