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Presentations are being offered by Certified Nutrition Coach CISSN  There is no charge for these presentations. 
This is not a supplement push. It is focused on what our bodies need to support activity levels.

We can come to your location and  educate your group on subjects such as:
-- nutrition timing
-- weight loss
-- strategies to gain strength and lean mass 
-- endurance sports strategies
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Have you tried Keto or another diet strategy and found you just can't stay on them forever? Wondering what you should do next?

1) When should I eat? 
2) How much should I eat? 
3) What should I eat?
These are easy questions but without the proper feedback to determine how your body is reacting to what you put in your mouth it is a guessing game as to what you need to do to accelerate the fat loss. The scale doesn't give you enough information.

We were a beta site for development of the LifeBase Solutions platform over a year ago and we have many customers using it now. LifeBase Solutions is very unique and uses our highly accurate body composition assessment tool to give us essential feedback to understand how your body is processing the food you eat. I am not aware of any other programs that provide this closed loop approach.

We use a "food first" approach which is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Most nutrition plans treat everyone the same. The LifeBase Solutions plan treats everyone individually. We not only look at what you eat, but also how that food affects your body as an individual. Based on regular readings of that data we continually make adjustments to the plan to optimize your results.

Drop in and we can show you the details.

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